The weekly studies and portfolio support service is on Tuesdays at 14:00 (during summer semester, from 1 March to 10 July, autumn semester from 20 September to 31 January), and gives you the chance to get direct feedback on your portfolio from the professors. Exchanging information with other applicants can also be very interesting for you. Please do bring some of your own pieces of work along. These can just be first sketches and single pieces of paper, too. Don’t worry about it! We recommend going to several advisory talks in order to hear the opinions of different professors.

Current portfolio advice dates: 

19.02.2019Prof. Anke Bertram2A.4.09
26.02.2019Prof. Suzanne Koechert2A.4.09
05.03.2019Dipl.-Ing. Sven Ronshausen2A.4.09
12.03.2019Prof. Suzanne Koechert2A.4.09